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PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program (DSD)  

For ages 10 and above. Anyone can do it!!


We offer the beginner courses daily (except Sundays) starting at 9:00 and finishing the course around 13:00 (depending on the dive site).

The dive sites chosen are places that we have been diving with beginners for years. We choose them because of easy access to the water, interesting sea life, good visibility and calm waters. Our difference with other dive centers is that we don’t have an approach of “mass production” so we have very small groups 2-3 divers per instructor. If we have bigger groups then we send more dive masters to assist the instructor.


Course details:

First the briefing/theory session to explain everything to do with equipment and diving.

Then we choose equipment carefully to fit all divers perfectly.

Once in the water, we take our time for the divers to take the first breaths in shallow water (waist level).

Then we continue with movement and breathing in the shallows for as long as it takes for all divers to feel very comfortable in the water. Only then we will move to deeper waters (maximum 4-6 meters on the first dive) and we enjoy the amazing feeling of being underwater and breathing, next to fishes, sponges small corals, and anything else the sea has to present to us that day. (depending on the day/time of year, we have seen turtles, octopus, cuttlefish, lobster, sea worms, groupers, starfish, triton shells, and so many other different sea life). Each dive is different, even at the same dive site.

We are the safest dive center in the area since we have never had any kind of accidents since our start of operation in 1998.

It is advised for you, to book this course nearer the beginning of your holidays. This way you will have a chance to reschedule if the weather is not the best, or dive again later or even complete your diving certification course with us later, if you like. After all, strong wind will not affect a jeep safari or a day in town, but will affect diving.

We offer PADI courses. Even our beginners course is a set international course by PADI (PADI’s Discover scuba diving) and you will receive a worldwide recognized certificate, which you can use for further diving courses or excursions. Because we don’t work with travel agents (we don’t have to pay commissions) we can offer a very low price for this course/ 75 euro, where other companies ask much more for the same course. We give you an option to buy a copy of your underwater photos and videos at a price of 10 euros. All other costs are covered in this price.


PADI bubblemaker course  

For children 8-10 years old (parents are welcome to enjoy this experience with your children)


We offer the bubblemaker courses daily (except Sundays) starting at 9:00 and finish the course around 12:00 (depending on the dive site).

We dive in weather protected lagoons or swimming pools. The maximum depth of 2m.

Similar to the DSD program, we offer a small briefing to help understand how the equipment works.

Then we choose equipment carefully to fit all divers (young or older) perfectly. For example younger and smaller divers will need smaller tanks, masks, fins and wetsuits.

We start from the very shallow waters, where children can stand. Then we will move slowly around the dive site, enjoying the sea life or playing some of our underwater games.

Price 65 euro.

Photos and videos are available on request, to review and buy at the end of the dive. Price for your photos and videos 10 euro. Check our photo gallery and our face book page for more.


Discover Snorkeling  

No age limit here



We offer the snorkeling courses daily (except Sundays) starting at 9:00 and finish the course around 13:00 (depending on the snorkeling site).

Snorkeling is simple and fun. Our instructors can guide you to the best snorkeling sites to explore Mediterranean sea life. Our guided dive masters and instructors will also teach you some methods for diving and snorkeling deeper and safer. Have in mind that some of our instructors are deep / free diving instructors and can give you advice on how to dive down longer by holding your breath (for those interested in apnea / free diving training please check our website corresponding page).

Course Title



PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program



PADI Bubblemaker Course  €65

Discover Snorkeling  €40