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Dive Packages & Excursions


Excursion Dive 


Dive with a certified instructor/guide at one of the many dive sites in or around the Paphos area. With the dive site chosen for you based on weather conditions and your certification level you are assured of a perfect dive site that will meet your needs and so enhance your diving pleasure.


Two Dives Package


For the certified diver who wants to dive more than once on the same day to double their diving pleasure, with the added bonus of a discount when you book. You will be accompanied by a certified instructor/guide with good knowledge of the dive site so you will not miss any of the interesting or unique features that the site offers. Your instructor /guide will also act as your buddy so the single diver cannot miss out! 

Five Dives Package


For the certified diver who wants to spread their dives over a maximum of 3 days’ this is the package for you and it also includes 1 boat dive. You will be accompanied by a certified instructor/guide who has knowledge of the dive sites you visit to enhance your diving pleasure so you won’t miss a thing. You pick your days we pick the dive site depending on weather and your certification level. With the dives over 3 days you still have time during your holiday to enjoy the wonder that is Cyprus.

Ten Dives Package

 For the certified diver who wants to take full advantage of the wonderful diving here in Cyprus - 10 dives over a maximum of 6 days including 2 boat dives. Make the choice of days to fit around your holiday plans. Remember that a boat diving specialty is two dives so ask about our PADI specialty courses and use your package to further your diver education (prices on request). Here at Abyss dive Centre the options for any level of diver are designed around your needs if there is not a suitable option for you; talk to us and we can tailor make a dive schedule for you.


Zenobia wreck (Larnaka full day trip)


Dive not only the best wreck in Cyprus but one of the best wrecks in the world you will be taken from your hotel to the dive site where you will enjoy one or two dives in and around the magnificent Zenobia wreck. 

As you descend look down and watch this stunning structure loom into view then you realize that now you are on a dive of discovery and a truly memorable experience that will stay with you for ever. With a certified PADI instructor/guide showing you the best this wreck has to offer and enhance your experience you will not miss a thing. You may also include this excursion as part of your dive package (price on request).


Boat Diving


For the certified diver who wants to experience going to dive sites that are unavailable from shore. A dive site will be chosen for you depending on weather conditions and your certification level; it may be one of the many wrecks around the Paphos area. For example “Vera K” wreck or “Achilleas” wreck. Other common dive sites are the “Moulia” drops, “Fourfouris reef”, “St George Island”, where you can dive along amazing walls. With an instructor/guide along with you showing you all the interesting places and features you are sure not to miss a thing that the dive site has to offer. 




Excursion Dive


+ 5 (tank and weights)

+15 (full equipment per day)


Two Dives Package


+ 10 (2 tanks and weights)

+15 (full equipment per day)


Five Dives Package


+ 25 (5 tanks and weights)

+45 (full equipment 3 days)

10 Dives Package


+ 50 (10 tanks and weights)

+75 (full equipment 5 days)

Zenobia 2 Dives

(boat fees included) 


+ 10 (2 tanks and weights)

+15 (full equipment per day)


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* All prices are in EUR

** Book now with only 20 EUR (via PayPal)

*** Boat Dive or Night Dive (per dive) - 10 EUR

**** Extra charge for tanks and weight (per day) - 5 EUR 

***** Extra charge for full equipment (per day) - 15 EUR

****** Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have via email or by using our contact form