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Apnea & Freediving Courses 


Freediving  / Apnea / Breath hold diving:

Imagine a motionless diver on the calm surface of the blue sea water.

No breathing equipment but a mask and fins,

Relaxes on the surface until he becomes one with the motion of the water,

Takes a deep breath,

Dives rising his feet high above the surface of the water until their weight slowly push him downward.

He takes big, almost stiff-legged kicks, very slow frequency, but with large amplitude. He almost tries to sleep his way down to the bottom, staying as relaxed as possible,

Near the bottom he stops kicking, letting the buoyancy to do the last few meters for him. He lands next to a natural overhang and stays motionless disappearing in its shade.

Just ahead of him a big red snapper heads to his direction. His total lack of movement and quietness has raised her curiosity.

He slowly raises one arm, aims and gets a perfect photo shot of the surprised fish that alerted heads away…


For many years man has been trying to explore the magnificence of the sea. Starting with free diving the first divers were used for scattering enemy war ships at the times of Alexander the great and later retrieving lost treasures from wrecks in the Caribbean Sea back in the 1700.

Recently we have turned to equipment development and with scuba we managed to explore the underwater world to certain depths.


But today we are turning back to free diving. The need of becoming as close to nature as possible and the understanding of the necessity to exercise our body to overcome the stressful times we live in, is pushing us to that direction.


Love for nature, respect for the sea and above all, love for exercising yourself is all you need… Experience the tranquility of diving underwater with no equipment, become one with the underwater world and get a closer look at what it has to offer. Our professional instructors can help you learn the power and discipline needed to explore the underwater world using breath-hold techniques.




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